At, iwonder lifestyle we offer entrepreneurs the latest franchise opportunities in India. Here we have started to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on ‘how to start a franchise’.
While this is only a start, our experts are available 24×7 to help you set up low-cost franchises with high profit based model.The company Prem Impex, has a well-established Indian menswear brand – iwonder lifestyle. This brand founded in Rajasthan, India now extends its stores on a franchise basis all over India. It deals in men’s formal, informal, and casual wear at affordable prices.

1. What is franchising?
In simple words, it is an agreement whereby a franchisee (you) sell products that are supplied by the franchisor or franchiser (us – iwonder lifestyle) while we provide you a range of services to support the brand image and quality standards.

2. What is the benefit of franchise ownership at iwonder lifestyle?
Retail franchising in India and especially the menswear franchise in India is growing leaps and bounds in 2-tier and 3-tier cities of India. Our experts assist through all requirements to start franchise from management to marketing, and personnel aspects of the business. We also extend our complete range of products to every franchise owner.

3. Do you have franchise stores outside of Jaipur?
Yes, our franchise model is already well-established in Rajasthan. We also have franchise stores in Jharkhand and Karnataka.

4. What is the minimum investment required to open menswear franchise of iwonder lifestyle?
If you have a shop premise anywhere between 200 to 500 sqft areas with frontage, in a market area, and are ready to invest between INR 7 to 10 lakhs you can be an iwonder lifestyle franchise owner today.

5. Will I make a profit with your franchise?
‘iwonder lifestyle’ franchise at best price in India assures you of a jump start in business. Since our model is already used by over 36 other franchises, we believe it will provide around 40% Return on Investment (ROI). Our franchise model has over 70% success rate.

6. What factors should I consider when entering into a franchise?
Our experts suggest before selecting us, for readymade garments franchise in India please call us and we will schedule a meeting to explain city-wise factors that can impact the franchise.

7. I am looking for a franchise in India with low investment, can I connect with you?
There are many franchise business ideas in India, but yes, ours is most certainly the best franchise in India under 10 lakhs. No royalty and no brand fee. Please connect with us immediately.

8. Will you assist with the paperwork for the franchise set-up?
Yes, we are well-versed with how to start a franchise business in India, franchise registration process, and the documents required for franchise in India. We already have a franchise disclosure document (FDD), franchise agreement, and our audited financial statements for your perusal. We will guide you on business registration for Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership, the Shop and establishment act license, the GST registration, and store insurance.

9. Since how long are you operating the franchise business?
We are one of the Indian fashion brands that have been offering men’s clothing franchises since 2018.

10. Is your trademark registered?
Yes, iwonder®lifestyle says it all.

11. What line of products does iwonder®lifestyle franchise offer?
We are a leading readymade menswear brand. We have a wide range of shirts, trousers, jeans, tshirts, comfort wear, sportswear and accessories. We are also market leaders in handblock fabric most suitable for custom-made shirts.

12. What support can I expect from the company to set up my franchise?
We will support with the site selection, store interior design, staff training, inventory, digital marketing, brand promotion, and staff recruitment.

13. Can I utilize your franchise in my multi-brand store?
iwonder®lifestyle brand clothing can be sold in multi-brand stores in malls and shopping complexes. For the option of a flagship store please contact us.

14. How long does it generally take to finalize the franchise partnership and open the store?
Once we mutually agree, the paperwork takes not more than one month. Opening the store will depend on the requisite resources like setting up the interiors of the store, speedy order booking, etc.

15. Do I need to renew the franchise every year?

16. I already have your franchise in India. Can we enter into a JV for a store outside India?
Yes, of course.

17. If someone already has your franchise in the city, can I also apply for another in the same city?
Yes, if you are confident of selling the same brand without any internal competition, we have no restrictions on the number of shops in a single city as long as any two iwonder lifestyle stores don’t fall within a radius of 3 kilometres.

18. Can I sell your brand products online?
No, as a franchisee you can sell in-store only.

19. How to apply for the Franchise?
Please fill up the Form in Contact Us or Call Us directly and our Franchise Manager will immediately attend to you. Pay the franchise fees and you are on board!

20. Can I speak to any of your team members?
Yes. Please call us at +91 9680170000

Remember you are in this franchise business for yourself but not by yourself!